Greyhawk City Government and The Great Coup

The Great Coup as the events of 603 are popularly known was an attempted coup within the Domain of Greyhawk. An alliance between the Greyhawk nobles and the Temples of Hextor and St. Cuthbert (with the unknowing support of the Temple of Pelor) attempted to usurp the existing oligarchy and establish a Lawful oriented kingdom. The forces of the Law severely misjudged the power of the other forces active in Greyhawk.

The forces of Law thought they would have the support of the Red and Black, and despite assurances from the then current guild master that they would, the members deposed the guild master (multiple fucking 20+th level wizard spell battle violently deposed) and immediately acted to aid the unaligned forces*.

A hasty coalition centered two bands of adventures known as the Band of Joy, and The Wicked brokered a truce between what might have been a broader, multi-sided civil war. That the followers of St. Cuthbert were so obviously looking the other way, while the followers of Hextor attempt to brutally suppress dissent, turned popular support to the counter coup forces.

Greyhawk nobles backed the coup 150%, despite various peace overtures from the anti coup forces, the nobles doubled down on the coup succeeding. The result was the virtual extermination of nobles in Greyhawk. Some survivors fled to neighboring domains and continue the struggle from there but without much effect. No nobles have been selected to replace the old ones and their chattels and property were auctioned off.

The Temple of Pelor initially assisted the coup forces until the coup cover story wore out. After that they tried to actively aid the anti-coup forces but were not trusted and so played little part. The High Preist of Pelor gave an impassioned speech in Greyhawk asking forgiveness from the citizens during the Tribunal. The High Priest announced that the Temple of Pelor would found a major hospital in Greyhawk and treat all persons for free. It was only the immediate implementation of this plan that saved the expropriation of all temple assets by the counter coup forces. The City of Greyhawk now boasts free clerical healing (short of raise dead) to all comers. The Hospital is about half finished and looks to be a magnificent structure and is loved by the poor.

In return for their support of the anti-coup forces the Temple of Nerull is now allowed to practice openly. It is generally believed that a high level cleric of Nerull is a leading member of The Wicked.

The domain is governed by representatives from the major power centers (both individual and organizational) as well as some popularly elected individuals. The group is much more informal than might be expected. Essentially there is a consensus among the powerful that the government should do little.

The actual government of Greyhawk is an extremely limited one at the moment. A reconstituted city watch is tasked with suppressing anything that starts to damage property. There are several standing mercenary companies around the domain that are funded thru tariffs on imports and entrance fees to the city proper. The city and various towns have courts that enforce contracts but little else. Currently only a few things are considered serious crimes against the state; murder, arson, rape, revolt, keeping slaves, or enslaving others. Anyone can potentially be sued in the courts. The judiciary is largely drawn from clerics of Trithereon and Nerull. Lying to a cleric of Death and Trickery is not for the faint hearted.

Surrounding domains have not embraced the results of the counter coup. The nobles in surrounding domains are horrified at the deposition of the nobles and are fearful that such ideas might spread. That the clerics of Trithereon do not automatically discriminate against demi-humans and humanoids in the courts is against all common practice in the surrounding domains. Initially it was predicted that Greyhawk would be divided among the surrounding powers but so far every attempt at dividing it has been a disaster for the invaders. That things seem to be going pretty well for Greyhawk economically makes surrounding nobles even more hostile. As if all of that wasn’t bad enough the new policy of freeing any slave that enters the domain is beyond comprehension. More invasions by surrounding power are predicted and probably imminent. A bright note in Greyhawk’s foreign policy is their relations with demi-humans and humanoids which are almost all positive. (Several humanoid leaders have begun banking in Greyhawk.)

All properties of the temples of Hextor and St. Cuthbert were expropriated by the anti-coup forces and auctioned off. There is some question what happened to certain high end artifacts known to be owned by the temples. It is believed that these items were hidden and then those who hid them were killed.

  • Ever since the brief and near cataclysmic wizard battle that deposed the then acting master of the Red and Black no one can remember the individual’s name or image or really any detail more than that there was someone who was in this role. “The Deposition”, as the event is known now left the Greyhawk Red and Black building complex a smoking crater arcing weird left over spell effects. While the wizards have since contained most strange effects the area where the new headquarters stands is know for the occasional weird occurrence.

Major Powers in Greyhawk

Temple of Liberty
Active in anti-coup

Temple of Death
Active in anti-coup

Society for Acquisition
Mercenary Guild
Professional elite troops for hire at a price.
Minimum 5th level or trial by melee against one.
Aided both sides in coup.

Players Club
Thieves Guild
A fun loving bunch of criminals.
Like to throw wild parties in the poor quarter.
Often seen as the shield of the poor against the rich.
Known for their charitable works.
Active in anti-coup

The Red and Black
Arcanist’s Guild
Focus on Wizards but others welcome.
Active in anti-coup.

College of Minstrels
Located outside the city proper but playing a significant role in the city.
Aided mainly the anti-coup forces.

Sundry merchant and business guilds
Initially there were some divided loyalties but rapidly turned toward the anti-coup forces.


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