House Rules and Notes


• Lets have fun! Making our time good is more important to me than making good time. The journey is the goal.
• If you do not understand any of the House Rules don’t panic.
• If you can’t make a session please be courteous and let the group know. We need at least four players to run a session.
• Please acquire some dice.
• The only book that is required is the Player Handbook v3.5. Prestige classes are fun but in my opinion the most powerful character classes are a straight fighter and straight cleric using only feats from the Players Handbook.
• No evil characters. No willful attacks on other characters. If you want to play in an evil oriented campaign this is not going to be the campaign for you. If you want to intrigue against other PCs this isn’t the campaign for you.
• Accelerated promotion; Experience is awarded at 150% of normal. At normal levels of XP you will make 9th level in around 40 completed adventures if you do everything right. Increasing the rate of XP awarded does not make any adventure easier it just means that instead of taking 4-5 adventures to level up, it will take 2-3.
• +20% experience for good role playing. You don’t have role play but there is a bonus for good role playing. Speaking in the immersed voice, write ups on your characters past, or non-combat based role playing can all count.
• Every session the players will vote a most valuable player who will get a 10% experience point bonus. Ties results in no award.
• A TPK (Total Party Kill) will result in a replay the next session.
• The DM is the final arbitrator of all game questions. The DM is not perfect and will make mistakes. Prepare yourself to deal with this eventuality in a mature way.
• The Player is the owner of their character. The DM may not destroy or deface a player’s character sheet any more than they could deface the player’s car. Players are not perfect and will make mistakes. Prepare yourself to deal with this eventuality in a mature way.
• Please go easy on the miniatures.
• Talking is a free action but that doesn’t you can have long detailed conversation in a round. 6 seconds is 6 seconds.
• No matter how good of a player you are it is likely your character is going to get killed at some point. Please deal with this in a mature way by crying, screaming, and threatening others.

Players and Characters

• Everybody starts at 1st level. Should we need to introduce a character into the middle of the campaign we will discuss that then.
• Lawful requirements are deprecated. There are Chaotic Good paladins and there are Chaotic monks.
• Alignment doesn’t matter a whole lot unless you are a paladin, a cleric, other divine, or are dealing with an outsider.
• If we find an item, tactic, or class that is unbalancing play the DM will first attempt to reach a negotiated arrangement with the player. If no agreement can be reached the party will begin encountering monsters using the tactic, item, or class against them. Be warned!
• I highly recommend Hero Forge and Spell Forge. These are excel spreadsheets that make character generation and planning a breeze. Google them or let me know if you need them.
• The following books are only allowed thru prior discussion; Tome of Magic, Tome of Battle, Book of Vile Darkness, Book of Exalted Deeds.
• The following book is not allowed; Book of Erotic Fantasy.


• Generally Living Greyhawk CY 597 is the campaign basis without the restrictions on prestige classes or base classes. I own most of the printed books for v3.5. When you get to the point that you decide you want a prestige class see me.
• Trithereon is a now a major deity. Down with the evil law givers!
• Non-Greyhawk campaign setting classes are probably not allowed.

Basic Character Creation Rules

All new PCs start at 1st level with zero XP.
Character Creation

1. Abilities
Use the nonstandard, tougher campaign (28 points) point buy method for ability scores (DMG 169).

2. Race
You may choose any race from the PH, gray elf (MM 104), wood elf (MM 104), mountain dwarf (MM 93), tallfellow halfling (MM 149-150), or deep halfling (MM 150). All half-orcs are human/orc crossbreeds. A PC may begin play at any age, height, or weight allowed for their race by page 109 of the PH. Age adjustments to ability scores are not used.

3. Languages
In addition to languages normally allowed for your race, the following dialects are Open for all PCs: Amedi, Baklunish, Cold Tongue, Flan, Keoish, Lendorian, Nyrondese, Old Oeridian, Olman, Ordai, Rasol, Suloise, Touv, Ulagha, and Velondi. Rhopan is Open for Rhennee, including half-Rhennee/half-elves or half-orcs. The most prevalent of these languages are the human racial languages: Baklunish, Flan, Old Oeridian and Suloise. Ancient Flan and Flan are the same language; Ur-Flan is a unique language. Ancient Suloise and Suloise are the same
language. Ancient Baklunish and Baklunish are the same language. Learning Druidic (for non-druids), Ferral, Lendorian Elven, Rhopan (for non-Rhennee), or Ur-Flan requires campaign documentation.

4. Class
You may choose any base class. A cleric or favored soul must serve a specific non-evil deity
from the PH or the LG Deities document. Deities in the PH that have the Evil domain are considered evil. See the LG Deities document for more details on favored weapons, domain choices, and deity backgrounds for the deities in the PH.

5. Alignment
You must choose a non-evil alignment that meets all requirements for your PC’s class. Divine casters that do not require the worship of a specific deity, but that choose to worship a deity, must be within one step of their deity’s alignment.

6. Hit Points
At first level, a PC receives maximum hit points for its class. For each additional level, it receives: half the maximum value for its new class + 1 + CON modifier. For example, a PC with an 8 Con adds 2 hit points upon gaining a new level in the Sorcerer class.

7. Skills
Craft, Perform, Profession, and Sleight of Hand: These skills allow your PC to earn extra coin if TUs are spent.

8. Feats
You may choose any feat which your PC meets the requirements. PCs of particular races or regions have access to additional feat options.

9. Equipment
PCs receive maximum GP for their starting class from the PH Table 7-1. If you wish to leave any equipment at home while adventuring, it must be marked as such on your character sheet.
• Beguiler (Player’s Handbook 2) – 240 GP
• Favored Soul (Complete Divine) – 200 GP
• Healer (Miniatures Handbook) – 160 GP
• Hexblade (Complete Warrior) – 240 GP
• Knight (Player’s Handbook 2) – 240 GP
• Marshal (Miniatures Handbook) – 200 GP
• Scout (Complete Adventurer) – 200 GP
• Swashbuckler (Complete Warrior) – 240 GP
• Warmage (Complete Arcane) – 120 GP

Campaign for Liberty

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